What to say in the first message – Follow these 10 tips

Don’t know what to say in the first message to a woman? Do you want once and for all to feel that certainty that your first message will work? In this article I will give you the 10 most important tips to solve your doubt: “what to say in the first message?” when you are flirting online or in dating apps.

When thinking about “what to say in the first message” when you meet a person online or on a dating app like indian chat room, you may feel that it is a difficult task and that she will not react positively.

In order to change that, let me give you today the 10 best tips to make your first message when you are flirting online a success and achieve it effectively. Let’s start:

1. Use your profile information.

To know what to say in the first message, it is important that you know what information you have to send it.

For example, if you see something that calls out to you in his photo or profile (where he studies or lives, where he studies or works, etc.), start your message with that, take advantage of it!

Thus, she will feel more comfortable talking to you because she will respond more easily to that message (talking about her work, what she does, etc.) so there will be more chances that she will respond to the first message and that the conversation will flow.

I also give you another piece of advice: You need to use some smileys or emojis (as in the example) to give the feeling that you are joking a bit and not bored and serious all the time.

This will help the conversation have a better vibe. Apply this as many times as you consider necessary (when you speak in a joking or mocking tone) in your first message or in those that come.

2. Do not put the typical greeting phrases

The “hello, how are you?”, “hello, what are you doing?”, “hello beautiful”, are phrases so hateful and so well known by women that you should be ashamed to use them as a first message.

Do you really think that you can cause any real urge to respond or any emotion in her by sending her this? I think your answer should be no.

On the contrary, what you should do is look for something different from this, show him that you are different from the majority of men who speak to him. Wear something short and casual, don’t think too much either, look at her profile and her picture and you can launch a first message like:

3. Look for mistakes

Many times when writing a first message, men focus on trying to say nice things to women, compliments, flattery, etc. Why not try something different that is also super effective?

Obviously I do not mean that you look for errors on her physical appearance or her clothing, but on her photo, specifically.

4. Ask him about his interests or likes

An interesting way to know what to say in the first message is to talk about the interests or likes that you have seen that she has either by talking to her or from the information on her profile.

5. Don’t kill the talk early

Many men tend to end the talk themselves prematurely, even from the first message. Do you wonder how? Well, with the typical basic questions that can be answered with a “yes, no” or with a small phrase.

These types of questions with these answers lead nowhere and you must learn to avoid them if you want her to reply to your first message and keep the conversation going.

6. You can opt for messages with more risk

These types of messages are usually a double-edged sword, but they usually have good profits. That is, by sending a slightly more daring message, going more to the point, she may be intimidated, but if she answers it, you already have half the job done (date, meeting, long talk, etc.)

7. Also try messages with little risk

Contrary to the previous point, these are slightly softer messages, just to seek chat and the woman’s opinion, they generally have a more “friendly” and less compromising tone for you. Which is beneficial for you if you want to have a better chance of her responding.

Usually, after her response, you can take the opportunity to make a comment about it, to which she will then respond more naturally. That way the conversation will flow and they will already be hooked.

8. Be provocative, be desired

This may sound like you are arrogant, cocky, etc. But it also has the advantage that you show a lot of confidence and self-assurance to her.

Do you understand the concept? Show that security without going to the extreme of being unbearable and very conceited, that is the key to this type of message and they are usually quite effective.

9. Create curiosity and mystery

Curiosity and mystery are two things that move us all. Haven’t you ever felt attracted to something you don’t know yet and you want to try?

Well, women feel the same way and this is what you must exploit to make this type of first message a success.

Tell her about some new place in the city that she doesn’t know yet and you do and you want to take her there.

Talk to her about some activity that few do and you want her to learn about with you, etc.

It’s a matter of being creative and knowing how to touch that fiber of curiosity that women have. With this type of first message it is very difficult for them not to answer you, curiosity and mystery do the work for you.

10. Rate already in the first message

This type of first message is also quite effective. These are questions where you try to “rate or analyze” what she is like based on her answer. Like a little interview or something.

With this you also give the feeling of showing if she is good for you or if she has her characteristics, making you look like the prize, but all this in a much more subtle way.

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