Tips to Improving Your LEGO Collection

One of the fashionable topics in recent times is investing in Lego as a substitute for other traditional investment mechanisms, such as the stock market, investment funds, state debt or even gold. The low returns and high volatility best lego lighting kits that we find in traditional markets make investors explore different alternatives.

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in Lego as a possible alternative investment. When some hear investment in toys, the investment in “stamps” promised by the Philatelic Forum comes to mind, those who bring this to mind is that they still had a bad experience there, it is better not to have it again. Although it must be said that it has nothing to do with one thing with another.

Since we are not talking about investing in companies that buy Lego, but directly buying Lego and then reselling it.

In previous articles I have already given my opinion on this possible investment, which, like any investment from which a high return is expected, has some speculation and associated bubble.

In any case, and for those who want to try it, I leave you some important information to know which sets to “bet”, although if I knew for sure I should not say it and I should buy the maximum of them, in order to double the investment in a short time. As I think this is speculation, I share some ideas that may interest you from collectors.

Who can spend €500 on a Lego set? Clearly not a child. Therefore, you have to look for sets that for whatever reason may be of interest to an adult. Therefore, I have to be very selective in the type of sets that I must select in order to get a good return on them. First filter: sets that are interesting for an adult in the future because.

That they are from a specific collection that may be of interest to an adult and above all there are no expectations that it will be commercialized more. For example, an exclusive set of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and some exclusive set of a superhero. If they are from Star Wars, especially, make sure they are UCS (Ultimate Collection Set).

It is an ideal set to incorporate into a hobby such as trains. Here the person, who likes this hobby, when it is discovered that spectacular trains can be made in Lego, will want to collect the current ones and some of the previous ones. But not only the trains, but also the sets that can be part of a beautiful model. Here you can find the list of trains and modules.

Lego is like doing puzzles, and adults who enjoy doing puzzles do so with those that seems impossible due to their number of pieces. Therefore, an adult will want a Lego with thousands of pieces. Here the collections of great monuments and architecture are the candidates.

But what other Lego can go up in price unexpectedly?

Those exclusive sets, which can normally only be bought in Lego stores, and which have short runs.

Some Lego City sets of a particular theme that is not repeated over time. For example, with a police car you will hardly be able to do much business. On the other hand, with a rare set, such as a truck garage, you can do it or an airport.

With the sets that represent something that exists in real life. For example a set that represents a specific car, like a Mini. It will always be an original gift for a Lego fan who owns that car. You already know how complicated it is sometimes to give a gift.

Those from Lego Ideas usually have very short print runs, and therefore can also be good candidates.

Now, things to keep in mind

Lego itself is aware that there are people who spend €500 on a Lego, and it launches them directly at those prices. Therefore, a Lego with that starting price… I think that few will be able to make it profitable in the future, I mean I think.

In the medium term, 3D printers will evolve and achieve higher quality and precision than today. That day, probably in less than 5 years, surely any Lego will be available. The exclusive pieces of a set with the printer and the rest in bulk at or Lego itself. What’s more, surely Lego itself mounts a “Vintage” theme in which you can order any set from the past.

There is a lot ready, and especially when Christmas approaches, which he takes advantage of to try to do opportunistic business. And if now there is a lot ready that also begins to accumulate Legos to resell. In the future there will be a lot of supply and little demand, so prices will not rise as before. As Rockefeller said, “When my shoe shiner invests in the stock market, I sell everything.”

Finally, some sets, which in effect show that if I had known a few years ago, I would now be delighted to sell authentic jewels…

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