How To Cut Coir Matting Into Doormats In 5 Steps?

Ultimate mats has a specialty in making mats to order, which includes our coir mats. Coir matting comes in a variety of sizes, including cut to fit into a space, as well as by the meter and roll.

Customers purchasing coir matting as a mat-well mat should add an additional 5cm to their order in both width and length. This will ensure that your new mat fits perfectly into your well.

Coir matting – Time for a new cut to size?

There are many indicators that it is time invest in new coir mat. One is appearance. If the coir mat you place at the front of your shop, restaurant or office is worn or tired, it will not give a great impression to customers or visitors. The same applies to a logo coirmat that has lost its branding or is not in good condition. A brand new branded coir mat will help you reinforce your business image.

If the edges have become damaged or the mat fails to capture dirt and moisture from the shoes, the mat can cause slippery floors. Ultimate mats will help to replace old coir matting with new, high-quality coir matting. We can also give your entrance a complete makeover.

Custom logo rug are also available. Use them to brighten up your brand or add a welcoming message or boost your brand’s reputation. Allow visitors to remove any dirt and damp from shoes to protect your internal flooring.

How to cut the coconut matting to size?

There are a few essential tools that will help you complete your cut to-size coir matting overhaul.

Tools – measuring, cutting, matting coir matting

• Tape measure

• Pen or pencil & notepad

• Sharp knife

• Steel rule or straight edge spirit level

• Marker pen

Use these 5 steps to cut your coir matting.

The following five key steps can help you cut the perfect doormat

1. You can remove the old mat made of coir from the recess by using a tape measure. This will allow you to calculate the length and width of your recess or well, as well as the depth of your mat well. As the mats are not always square, ensure you measure each side of it. Make sure to take down the measurements and keep a record.

2. You can flip your piece of coir matting upside-down.

3. Mark up the measurements of the coirmat with the marker pen.

4. Cut the mat according to the measurements of the mat using a Stanley knife.

5. Make sure to press the edges down and fit the brand new coir matting well into the mat.

Job done – Coir mat transformation!

You’ll see the changes immediately after you install the new coir mastic into the well.

Customers who order a cut-to size coir pad with a 5cm buffer around the edges will follow the same steps as above. But, instead of marking the proper measurements, they will simply need to trim off any excess matting. This will ensure that the coir mat is snugly fitted in its new location.

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