Camelbak – Is It A Good Brand?

Camelbak provides hydration packs and water bottles for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking, running and fishing. However to know if Camelbak is a good brand we need to take a look at its history. ​ Camelback started way back in 1989 by avid bikers Michael Edison and Rick Bashaw. They were dissatisfied with the hydration pack options available at that time so they set out to design their own hydration pack which was light-weighted, easy to clean and could carry more water than what other brands offered. The first Camelbak sold for $35 as Edison wanted his product to be affordable for everyone not just those that could afford it. ​

Camelbak is used as insulated Water bottle?

In the early 90’s Camelbak took a massive hit when they recalled its hydration products for fear of it exploding due to a faulty cap. However since then camelbak has been going strong. It introduced many innovative products which have become common today such as the bite valve and insulated water bottle. Some of their top products include M.U.L.E, Lobo, Antidote and Hydrobak. 

One problem that many camelbak customers have is that they are hard to drink from especially when running or biking. This can be overcome with a simple solution of cutting the straw short. Camelbak is committed to environmental conservation. They are planning on recycling at least 50% of their waste by 2020.

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CamelBak took a huge hit in daily life?

CamelBak has been around since 1989 and provides hydration packs for hikers, kayakers, bikers and runners. However to know if CamelBak is a good brand we need to take a look at its history, as well as the company’s commitment to both environmental conservation and health/safety issues. 

To answer the question, yes it’s true that camelback hydration packs are expensive but if you take care of it you won’t need another pack until 2020 so in my opinion it’s worth spending money on over any other cheaper brand as long as you don’t mind making your first purchase now and then upgrading every 5 years or so. ​ Unfortunately, in the early 1990s, CamelBak took a huge hit when they recalled its entire stock of hydration products after customer complaints that the bite valves on its water bladders were exploding with enough force to cause injury. 

How to clean camelbak bladder?

Since then, however–and even with increased competition among hydration pack manufacturers—CamelBak has done well with sales increasing every year since 2009. Some top-selling CamelBak products include M.U.L.E., Lobo, Antidote and Hydrobak. Another issue some customers have had with CamelBak packs, however, is that they are hard to drink from especially when running or biking. To address this problem, one solution has been to cut the straw short. 

Camelbak Hydration Pack

CamelBak is just as concerned about being environmentally conscious as it is about product quality and safety, so much so that it intends to recycle at least 50% of its waste by 2020. Despite its growth in North America since 1989–and accounting for only 2% of the entire camelbak hydration pack market worldwide—CamelBak remains committed to providing its customers with high-quality products at affordable prices.

Hydration Vest 

Making sure you have a bottle or flask that is durable is key. Everything we recommend above has been proven to be durable – they tend to have good construction, plenty of quality control in the production, and are durable for their intended use. But be careful when looking at cheaper models from upstart makers. They are often simply sourcing the bottles as a hydration vest and trying to sell them en masse, in many cases without even testing them first. Pay attention not only to the bottle construction but also to the quality of the lid or nozzle. There is nothing worse than a leaky top to your expensive bottle.

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