Alabama Luella Barker: Who Is Her Father?

Alabama Luella Barker is an American media personality, performer, and singer best known as Travis Barker’s daughter. After appearing on the hit MTV show Meet the Barkers, Alabama Luella rose to prominence.

Alabama Barker, who is she?

Alabama Barker is a famous child who rose to fame as a television personality barely after months of birth. Travis Barker, the frontman and musician for Blink-182, is her father. Shanna Moakler, her mother, is a supermodel and previous Miss USA. Alabama debuted on the last episode of MTV’s reality show Meet the Barkers in 2006, while she was just a baby. The program centred on the Barkers’ daily activities turned Sarah and her entire family into reality stars.

She was becoming a social media phenomenon even when she turned ten. With 1.1 million members on the photo-sharing network Instagram, she has a sizable following. She just started a YouTube channel to upload cosmetic tutorials and Q&A videos. She is, however, a guitarist and a vocalist. Alabama even has a tune on Blink-182’s 2016 album California. She performs the bridge portion of the pianist in the song “She’s out of Her Mind”. During a Q&A session, she revealed to her followers that she planned to make her soundtrack.

Early life Alabama Barker:

Alabama was born on December 24, 2005. Luella Barker is dad Travis Barker’s second kid and mom Shanna Moakler’s third. Her parents divorced barely a few months after she was born, in 2006. They tried to restart their relationship in several ways before separating in 2008. Travis and Shanna, on the other hand, make equal attempts to raise their kids. Travis frequently brings Alabama to music and film ceremonies, which Shanna discusses with her followers on social media. Alabama Luella Barker,

She also accompanies her dad on his musical travels. She is acquainted with YouTuber Meghan McCarthy, whom she managed to meet at an occasion. Meghan even hosted a Q&A conversation on her Video platform.

What sets Alabama Barker unique?

When she hits puberty, Alabama aspires to be a musician and an actress. Social networking is not the ideal place for children to be. Although being just 10 years old, Alabama Barker has been the subject of heinous cyberbullying. She is also considering a modeling career. She could operate the piano as well as the drums. As Travis and his colleagues worked on the track ‘She’s Out of Her Mind,’ the small girl suggested that the piano portion be included. Her proposal was not only approved by her delighted father but she was also given credit on the record cover. Alabama informed her followers that Beyoncé was a massive inspiration to her.

Travis is a singer, composer, recording artist, and drummer for Blink-182. Alabama and Travis are very close, and she just brought her father a transformation, covering off his many tattoos.


Luella Barker was born on December 24, 2005. She is the daughter of Travis Barker, frontman and musician for Blink-182. She rose to fame after appearing on Meet the Barkers in 2006 when she was just a baby. The 10-year-old has been the subject of cyberbullying.

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