5 Ways To Make Money On Instagram

The power of Instagram is such that it has become a source of income for brands, influencers and users of all kinds. In this guide we have put together some tips to monetize your Instagram account and help you earn money on the app.

Goread.io provides endless opportunities for its users to gain popularity in different ways. All these opportunities come after gaining followers and building an audience that consumes, enjoys and is attentive to your content, whether your goal is to be a channel for other brands or companies or to create your own project that allows you to convert your followers into active clients.

Accounts that have gained a large number of followers on Instagram clearly have a greater opportunity to make money on the platform, which is why some have even been encouraged to buy followers to increase their exposure. There is no problem with this as long as we do it on services that are proven effective and offer real interactions and followers that translate into more visibility for your posts, click here to buy.

Anyone can become famous on Instagram after building a solid audience. You can gain followers to achieve this by applying the correct strategies that allow you to promote your content on the platform, so that it achieves greater visibility and reaches a greater number of people.

There is no number from which you can start monetizing your Instagram account, because even if you have only 100 followers you can start working on ways to monetize your Instagram account. Here are some strategies to help you do just that.

 Collaborate with brands

One of the most common and effective ways to make money with Instagram is to start working with an influencer and promote the products of different brands and businesses.

Before starting to do this, you need to get a large number of real followers interested in a particular niche, so that your account is a kind of attractive channel for brands related to that niche.

Creating fresh and interesting content will make more users start following you, which will translate into more opportunities for collaborations. 

An important aspect of collaborations is that they are much more effective if you do them with brands that you really enjoy; this way you can recommend products or services you believe in to your followers to gain their long-term trust.

It is common for brands to approach you by having a large base of followers, but you can also take the initiative by doing the following.

Make a list of brands that are in tune with your audience and with which you would like to collaborate in the future.\Write an email or direct message explaining what you can offer with your account for their products. When doing so, it’s important to include some stats to show why collaborating with you is a smart business decision for the brand in question.

An excellent alternative to generate collaborations is through agencies like Goread that connect brands with influencers. If you still feel that you do not have a large enough audience, remember that you can use services to buy followers, likes and interactions for Instagram and other social networks. 

2. Consider affiliate marketing

The operation of affiliate marketing is quite simple: You promote the products of a brand and for each sale you generate, you earn a small commission. 

To get started in affiliate marketing you need to find a brand that you would like to promote and start creating content that will generate sales for that brand’s products.

What is common in affiliate marketing is that the brand assigns you a code or link to keep track of each of the conversions you generate with your content. Based on this, it will determine your earnings. By creating interesting content related to a brand, you will be motivating your followers to buy their products.

For this, it is important that you publish and explain to your followers in a simple way how they can purchase the products through your unique link. Please note that Instagram only allows you to add links in your bio and in your stories (only if you have more than 10k followers). You can even consider Instagram ads for album posts, but this will allow you to only promote one product at a time.

3. Sell your creations

Instagram is the habitat of countless artists from different branches. Musicians, photographers, painters and much more. 

If this is the case for you, you can start earning money in the app by selling your creations. For this, it is vital that you build an audience that enjoys your content and eventually evolves into satisfied customers.

Whether we are talking about paintings, photography, visual design or any type of piece, it is vital that you present it in a visually appealing way when posting it. Make sure you always use high-quality images and use hashtags that allow you to increase the visibility of your posts.

4.Create your business online

Instagram is an excellent platform for businesses of any kind. It does not matter if you already have a brand, business or store or if you are about to start one, you can generate money with the application if you manage to attract new followers interested in your products and increase your conversion rate.

For this, you must work on a content strategy in which you combine striking images, striking captions and an effective selection of hashtags in each publication.

When creating content for your business account, it’s important to define your brand identity on Instagram. This will make your posts more attractive and representative.

However, while branding is important, you should not go overboard with this, as you risk boring your followers with too much promotional content . Social media professionals and Instagram account management experts have a rule to avoid this. According to this rule, promotional content must be limited to 20% of what is published, while the remaining 80% must be valuable content to keep followers interested in the account.

By publishing valuable content, you will increase interactions and make more and more users of the platform decide to follow you. At this point, the importance of gaining followers for your account is already clear.

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